English Translations | 02/04/04

All good things must come to an end so February 3rd was the last day of daily journal updates. The reason for this is because I set up my second computer (my "work" computer) after having it down. With them both connected, I needed to use my router again, which apparently alters the IP address of this computer, making logging in to OTTO to do daily updates a fiasco, complete with crawling around to change cords. Since this is the case, I will only be posting on Sunday nights from now on.

I heard a very nice presentation in Atonal today. I have no complains. I don't really care for the guy because he once gave me a dirty look because I asked a "stupid" question but he did a really nice job. After class I ran some errands--video store, Home Depot, PetSmart, OfficeMax, Best Buy, etc. I finally hauled out the huge monitor from the car and set it up with my work computer. Everything seems to be working well except for the fact the router costs me the ability to FTP to the SSL OTTO. Oh well. I emailed the guy who runs it (Doug) and hopefully he will have a solution other than having to change all my cords around daily. Last night I did two hours worth of ironing and did some dishes. I also made a huge feast for myself, which dirtied an amount of dishes equal to what I had done. I had my quiz in Bibliography and let's just say it could have gone better. I forgot completely about it. The extra credit was "Give an English translation of any word found on p. 8-9" and I put: "Dissertation=Dissertation".




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