How To Blow A Rehearsal | 02/03/04

Today was a more bearable Tuesday for whatever reason. It started off in the typical horrific way, of course. I'm getting really sick of teaching my classes. If I were teaching Sight-Singing again, I would have no problem at all going over my cap for the class. Fine, pull up some extra chairs and I'll spend the extra two minutes grading; big deal. With only 12 computers in the lab and when only 9 work, having 22 people in the class just breeds disaster and contempt. I finally conceding to letting some people use the Mac side but some of the things we are working on don't transfer well. And the people that usually go over there go at the beginning of class and don't sign the attendance sheet, so I now have three class dates with completely useless information. OTTO is another huge pain in my ass. When someone needs to change a password, or forgets theirs it takes 24 hours for a reset. This voids any work that can be done in class that can be done on any given day so people fall behind more quickly. In and of itself, this isn't such a huge problem if it were one or two students but it's almost 1/4 of them. Although I had some terrible, terrible students last semester, the vast majority of them were excellent. This is not the case this semester. I'm just sick of everything in that room from the fact the carpet is never cleaned so I sneeze no less than 30 times a class to the fact that Office 97 is completely worthless.

After my second class, I came home and played a little Euchre before going back to Bibliography. I upped my score to 1790 before somehow managing to lose nine in a row. I didn't fare much better in Bibliography, where we had a quiz that I had completely forgotten about. Maybe it was because we were supposed to have this quiz 3 classes ago. The extra credit was "Define any German word from the reading" and I put: dissertation=dissertation. Dissertation was in fact one of the words from the reading in German so I hope my professor has a sense of humor about it. The rest of my afternoon I managed to avoid doing anything substantial and in the Caribbean class I managed to beat the PalmOS version of Minesweeper on the setting "Impossible" for the very first time. It took me 56 minutes but at least I didn't fall asleep. We wasted a TON of time in rehearsal tonight "practicing" the two easiest pieces instead of focusing on Pan In A Rage. When we did finally start it, we rehearsed the exact same material as last rehearsal. I will be the first to admit that I need to go in and look at a couple of spots but I certainly don't need to waste rehearsal time to learn my damn personal parts. I could tell that Chris was the most pissed person in the room, most likely because rehearsal is a 100% waste of his time. He needs to become jaded like me and stop practicing.

Jamie and I had Ruby Tuesday takeout tonight and while she studied I rearranged my bedroom, complete with ceiling fan dusting. I still need to do a lot of work in there but that white desk is gone. Maybe at some point I'll get the monitor my brother gave me for Christmas out of the Taurus. In other news I received an email from Dr. Olsen regarding my direction of Mas next year. It sounded like the collective faculty was very much for it but since money is an issue AND they're already getting one graduate student who plays pan they might go that route. I know the kid of whom they're speaking and while he is very nice and I'm sure somewhat qualified for the position, if anyone is going to kick the group's ass and gain some recognition for the university, it's going to be me; not some polite guy.




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