February Crankiness | 02/01/04

I'm not sure what it is about February but everyone is cranky, myself included. I've decided to regrow my hair via the power of positive thinking. Being a very positive and optimistic person, I should be completely bald by the end of the month. Today I couldn't find a parking space even though I left for rehearsal with ample time. I was late, naturally and the result? Crankiness on all parts. I don't really felt like we got much done. If nothing else, I enjoy playing even when I'm cranky and so is everyone else. After rehearsal Matt Flynn came over and I transcribed a couple pieces for him to play at Leon with the kids. The pieces were written by a band he used to play in and I have to admit, they were pretty cool. Jamie, The Ab, Chompy and I had a Superb Owl party even though we didn't really care about the teams. The Ab ate most of Jamie's 7-layer (it was really only six) dip and I burn the HELL out of the pizza. After the game Theory-Chris and I struggled over the Atonal homework and I worked on the prospectus for my thesis. I have a good four pages of it done so hopefully that will spare me the wrath of Dr. Clendinning. I don't know why I'm so tired right now...oh wait it's 2:29am. I should have followed my parents' advice and gone to school for business. Then I could eek out my mindless existence and go to bed at 10:30pm every night. I guess there are some trade offs, though--they make lots of money, have time to go to the dog park and drink beer, accumulate possible housewives, drive nice cars, have little stress (didn't you get that memo about the TPS Reports, Peter?) and they never and I mean NEVER go bald. Even this guy in the picture isn't going bald. Tomorrow my goals include: sending out another batch of job applications and cleaning up after the Superb Owl. Maybe I'll make some sort of great Superb Owl graphic. And maybe some sort of Superb Owl song to sing. I also anticipate the 1500th hit to my journal. Don't let me down! Check in fifty times tomorrow just to be safe!




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