NBA Jam (SNES) | 03/01/04

The SNES NBA Jam fantasy is over. Although I will most likely play it with live people, there is no longer any thrill whatsoever playing against the computer. Even on the hardest setting, I was able to win 140-16 tonight. In my last game, I was ahead 62-0 at the end of the first quarter. I figured I'd play the rest of the game with my eyes closed, since I already had a headache. When I opened my eyes before the 4th quarter I saw that it was 58-64 and made a deal that I would only shoot from half-court if I could keep my eyes open. I agreed. I didn't make any shots the last quarter but neither did they, thanks to my stifling defense. My original goal was to hold them scoreless for a game but my roommate David and I did that my senior year of college, ultimately winning 294-0. No really, 294-0. We were aiming for the elusive 300-0, where the computer does not even touch the ball, but they did manage to take it once and we had to settle for stealing it after they touched it. Alas, it was too late--the precious seconds that David needed to hit the last two 3-pointers was lost. I am proud to say that I scored none of the 294 points.

I turned in my Atonal project today after a Photoshop fiasco, where it only printed out certain layers instead of the whole "picture". I also took Chompy to the dog park. There weren't many dogs so I took her on a tour of the woods. I did my best to get us lost in the hopes she would remember the way out, but fortunately we didn't get lost because she made at least two semi-serious wrong turns. To her credit, though, she did navigate a good dozen directions properly but the two she missed could have made the difference between Atlanta and Houston--you know, if I let her drive. Or read the map while I was driving.

My friend Mark re-put up his website today. If you want to see it, click here. Tomorrow I'm going to give a quiz in my class. A lot of people missed on Thursday so they didn't get the hand-out. That's not my fault, though. I'm sure they'll bitch and moan like last year but I really don't care. The only person I'm considering letting make it up is the one that told me he was going to be out last week. Oh by the way, I do sometimes go back and fix my mistakes to earlier posts. Just in case you were wondering. Brian, I know you put this on your website today, but it was so good I had to put it here too. Brian gets all the credit; I claim none! I hope you're happy.




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