Give A Quiz and Leave Day | 03/02/04

Any day where your lesson plan is "Give quiz and leave" is a good day. Teaching went smoothly this morning and the only interesting thing that happened in Music Bibliography was that I had a surprisingly loud sneeze. I know I sneeze louder than most, but this one was really quite an interruption. Bryan Richards told me I needed to take three credits this summer instead of the two I had planned for. Oh well, I can't wait to be done. He also told me that I would not be able to receive an assistantship in the fall so I'd better be damn sure I finished in the summer semester. Apparently they're cracking down on people that aren't moving ahead that have had assistantships for more than three years. That means you're safe if you did a MM and are now doing a DM/Ph.D but not safe if you're getting a second MM (me) or have been working on your DM too long. Whatever, I don't really care as long as I finish. And even if, God forbid, I don't, I'll still leave. I'm ready for a change of scenery. Jamie and I went to Olive Garden for lunch and the traffic getting there made the trip about 1.5 hours. Apparently there was some "march" going on. Maybe it was because it's now March. I hope they don't have apes in April. My "New Layout for Brian's Apartment" took top prize but it was also the only entry. I think it won because of my creative use of snakepits. There's another grad student in my Music of the Caribbean class who I talked to for the first time today. I really hate it when people try to impress you with their apathy. "Oh yeah? Well, *I* didn't even learn to speak until I was 22. And breast feeding? Well, I carry a bottle in my purse just in case I can't get home to mom soon enough." This particular Student Y (not to be confused with Student X from previous posts) is, ta-da, a music education graduate student. Surprise! I admit, I am not always the most prepared student but I sure as hell don't brag about it. After practicing for the past couple days, I thought I'd be able to blow Chris away in rehearsal with my new-found abilities. I was wrong. He is still somewhere in the area of 50-80x better than I am. Maybe I just need to memorize the hard passages because right now I still have to read them. I'm hesitant to memorize anything because Kathy once told me that I never look at my music when I play and I don't want people to think I can't read music and just memorize patterns. Perhaps I should get over that. Matt came over for some wedding music writing and we knocked out a solid ten measures in about two hours. We also were able to squeeze a few beers in here and there too. Oh, and that's a picture of Tibet. Because Matt likes Tibet.




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