I'm sorry Jeff Jackson, ooo | 03/03/04

Today I hung out with Kathy for a while. We went to Ruby Tuesdays where we were served by the deftly-smooth Jeff Jackson. After that we went to the dog park. I found out my car battery is dead (again). I had a lame rehearsal for a choir piece. I promise to not complain about the inability of anyone in the steel band to not keep time anymore. Every two measures we were in a different tempo so I just stopped watching and tried to keep playing the speed I started. Tomorrow is the concert. You should come. No, on second thought, you really really shouldn't. I am currently on page 3 of my ten page paper due tomorrow for my Music of the Caribbean class. I don't know how the hell we're supposed to talk about 36 pieces of music in ten pages. I could do it in 50 pages but certainly not 10. It's funny how as you get older you want assignments to be longer because you have more to say. I'm sure the undergrads in the class are freaking out, though--10 pages! Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! On a final note, you'll be pleased to know I corrected all the typos of "Later Day Saints".




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