Grading Quizzes | 03/04/04

Despite only getting three hours of sleep last night, I was able to stay awake for most of today. I woke up at 8am to grade quizzes for my class. I taught from 9-10. Helped some students from 10-11, taught again from 11-noon, came home, worked on my paper, went back to school, took my Bibliography midterm, came home, finished my charts for my Caribbean class, went to that class, went to rehearsal, left at break to play in a concert, came back to rehearsal and then rehearsed with the Good Group for another hour and a half. What a day. At 6:30am tomorrow I need to call AAA and get them to jump the Taurus so I can take it to the Ford dealership. I need to then have them re-jump it once I get there so I can drive to Sears so I can a new battery. Bleh. Happy f'ing Spring Break.




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