The Crass Menagerie | 03/06/04

This morning I called about my car and they said they would have the parts on Monday. Obviously, I don't believe them. Oh well, what can I do? My dad informed me that I was most likely on their blacklist for all the yelling that I do whenever I'm there. I don't know what else to say, though--I don't really understand how wanting a product to be fixed when it's built to be inferior is such a ridiculous request. I really just relaxed the rest of the day until about 6pm when Chris and Mike said they were coming over. The arrived around 7 and Chris and I went to Gordo's to pick up dinner for myself and Jamie. They really did not do a very good job with our order. Mine was (literally) a piece of bread with some turkey slices. Not even mayo or "Gordo's Sauce". And the fries, we figured, were fried in B.O. We also picked up a few drinks from the store and came back to dispose of them. We had a fun time and Chris took us all out to McDonald's around 11:30. One of the advantages of drinking early is that you feel pretty good the next morning because you feel asleep at 1am instead of 4am. That is especially good for days like tomorrow, when we have early rehearsal. Steve is also coming in tomorrow around 5pm. I need to do some heavy cleaning after the gathering last night. The plan is to have a bunch of people over for dinner to honor his arrival. Also staying with me for the week are: Abner (Chris' turtle with sweet turtle abs) and Mike's fish. Hmm, I guess that's not as much as I thought. If only The Ab was staying too. Alas, she's too crazed around Chompy to really not get me in trouble. If you want to come over and eat with us, this is your invitation.




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