Steel Band Concert | 03/07/04

This morning we had a very, very nice rehearsal. Everyone remembered to come and we got through a lot of music. Afterwards, Jamie and I went to Target and I bought some more dog food and some of those dust-cleaning-mitts. We ate some Wendy's and watched some Family Guy before she left. In the hour between her leaving and picking Steve up I cleaned my apartment. And I did a damn fine job, if I do say so myself. His flight was on time with only minor turbulence. Chris and Mike came over for dinner and they ended up making most of it because I got a call from David Knapp. He is in NY now, working some office job and making big bucks. He told me lots of good news about publishing, hooray. Dinner was delicious. After eating, Jamie came over and a little after her arrival so did Matt Flynn. We all bored Steve to tears by talking about the steel band problems. Chris and Mike brought over Mike's fish, who are now living happily in my hospital tank next to little Abner. Jamie, Chris & Mike left and Steve, Matt and I watched this horrible DVD my mom sent me of this weird "episode" Steve and I filmed when I was about 14. It involved lego people any army guys and GI Joes and the dog, and was really terrible. To my credit, my parents did an excellent taping job at the last steel band concert. After watching the DVD, Matt left and Steve and I watched the end of the Gonzaga basketball game. Oh, and if you're the person that checks this six times a day and your cable internet service provider is @Home, I know you have me bookmarked and it kind of creeps me out.




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