Hot Chicks | 03/08/04

Today officially started at noon. Steve and I went out to lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company with Jamie. She told us there was a murderer running around town and the 10pm news confirmed it. Apparently he already killed a lawyer. Hopefully he's on his way to the Ford dealership as we speak. I got the car back but it still isn't completely fixed. The air bag light is on and they said they couldn't fix it without my permission. Hello?! How about you CALL me and say, "Your air bag light is on--should we fix it?" I would imagine this is for all the people that reply, "No, I like driving according to 1973 highway safety standards." I hate them. Well, I like Ken the Driver but the rest of them can burn in hell. And I'm not talking about cushy fire and brimstone hell, but rather 9th layer of hell la Dante's Inferno. Once we got the death trap back, we went to Home Depot and PetSmart but didn't buy anything. Our project tonight is artistic in nature but, la me, is not complete. For dinner we had some average chicken-something. Hopefully we will get it done tomorrow. Maybe we'll go to an auto rally and see some hot chicks ( la Tom) in bikinis. Tomorrow should be another leisurely day. Maybe at some point we'll go down to P-ma city.




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