Cute Puppies Week Continues | 09/26/06

Karate was not terrible exciting. Christine and I didn't learn anything new and we spent a lot of time working on Combination 4. If I can roundhouse kick you to the ribs, you're dead. DEAD. We need to stop going to the early class sincethere is a test in two weeks. I would HIGHLY doubt we'd be ask to test since we just got our purple belts but it's a fun goal to shoot for. Today will be the wrap up of my 2005 Football Season. I know you're heartbroken.

Game 12: #3 FSU vs. #6 Miami
As of right now I will not be playing for the Video National Championship. Somehow Alabama is undefeated and a one-loss USC is #2 followed by 1-loss #4 Iowa. I had already beated Video Miami once so I was feeling pretty good I could beat them again. Fortunately with the time between the games four of my nine injured players returned including Video Leon Washington and Video Buster Davis. I was going to be stuck with Video Xavier Lee (still haven't figured out how to run the option) for the rest of the season. Anyway, even though I rested Video Leon Washington for the first three quarters I was still able to drop several long bombs on the Video Miami secondary and frankly the game was a breeze. Final Score: 28-17. Real FSU won 27-22. I scored more points and Miami so again Jeff Bowden, you are defeated.9-2-1

Game 13: #1 FSU vs. #3 USC First of all, Alabama lost. Second of all, I don't understand the BCS at all. #1 FSU vs. #3 USC while #2 Iowa plays an unranked UConn? Iowa won their game 63-14. Weird. At the Rose Bowl there were a surprisingly large amount of "fans" so the game lost some realism points there. I, as usual, won the toss and elected to kick. First play of the game I kick off and Video Reggie Bush returns it for a touchdown. Apparently Video Reggie Bush can break four tackles at once. Whatever. Out comes Video Xavier Lee. First offensive play of the game I decide to go for the game-tying bomb to Video De'Cody Fagg. Oh right, Video Xavier Lee sucks. Intercepted and ran back for a touchdown. 14-0 after about 30 seconds. This sucks. Next offensive series I decide to play it safe. First play I hand off to Video Lorenzo Booker who runs about four yards and fumbles. BUT this time Video De'Cody Fagg scoops up the ball and runs it in for a touchdown. 14-7 Video USC. The rest of the first half consists of stuffing Video Reggie Bush time and time again and then getting burned on 3rd and 25 passes regardless of the defense I call. At half-time we were tied 28-28; offensive shootout. After going three and out with the ball on my first offensive set USC somehow blocks my punt. Blocking kicks and punts is IMPOSSIBLE in this game so I don't know how they did it. Anyway, Video Matt Leinart comes out and on the first play gets sandwiched by Video Ernie Sims and Video AJ Nicholson. He's out for the game. Sweet. After that USC could no longer convert their 3rd and 25s and once Video Leon Washington came in it was over. 38-28 win and I am the Video National Champion. Eat that Jeff Bowden.10-2-1.




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