Art Project | 03/09/04

Today started at around 9:00am for me. I single-handedly finished my art project and I must admit. It looks awesome. Steve's day started at 1pm. We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch and it was pretty good, even though they didn't offer me a To-Go cup of Kiwi Lemonade. Oh well. We then went on a tour of town, where we bought Hexen for Nintendo 64. After fighting rush hour traffic, we realized we needed a "memory pack" and spent another hour driving back to the stupid used games store to get it. It's really a stupid game, much like a glorified Doom from my 7th grade computer game days. It's unnecessarily complicated and any game that requires more time spent on finding keys than killing three-headed dog zombies sucks. At least we can play together but the levels are so dark and weird that it takes for ever and isn't particularly fun (yet). Tomorrow I'd like to give Steve a tour of Doak Campbell stadium but I don't know if I'm allowed to get into the stands or on the field. Whatever. Hopefully I can talk to Matt about sitting in on Leon High School's Lion Steel rehearsal on Thursday morning. That will be fun. Jamie called tonight and I was kind of cranky with her. Sorry! Not that she'll be reading this for another week, if ever. Our night tonight will conclude with some John Madden 2000 football. It's the first game since RBI baseball for Nintendo that I've been able to completely kick Steve's ass in. I got to talk to Kathy's friend Anne online for a bit tonight after a two-year hiatus but dinner stole me away before I could finish our conversation. Well, gotta get back to kicking Steve's ass.




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