Seat-Pant Flying | 03/11/04

Despite our best intentions of leaving early, Steve and I didn't leave for St. George Island until 2pm. Oops. We made it without any side trips and I successfully navigated the new St. George bridge without any signs of nausea. Usually going over long bridges makes me really sick but this new one is much more sturdy and I like the added comfort of having a shoulder just in case I start to get light-headed. We were there for about three and a half hours and Steve was fortunate enough to finally find a sand dollar to bring back to our Dad. I found a couple too, but they were pre-collected by some kid hours before. In his/her cache of shells were two other small sand dollars in addition to some other pretty cool shells. I might plop them into my cichlid tank just to give it something new. We ordered some pizza after we got back and shot some stick with Matt Flynn (again). Tomorrow I need to wake up at 7am so I can make my guest appearance at Leon High School to play with their steel bands. Even the high school has two--why can't we? Seriously.




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