Comcast Sucks | 03/13/04

Dear Comcast,

I commend you on your decision to buy Disney instead of wasting your profits on improving service or purchasing new cable modems for us loyal customers. Of course, I respect your fantastic rates of a mere $50/month and $7/mo for the modem rentals for the outstanding service you provide that works an extremely solid 62-65% of the time. My only regret is that I do not have the disposable income to buy stock in your fine company. I also find your website extremely navigable and your FAQ are very detailed. I can't even fathom the amount of time it took to answer every possible consumer question with: "unplug your cable modem and plug it back in." Your online customer support is nothing short of exceptional--it's only been two days and because you haven't responded--you must have a team of crack individuals working hard to solve my problems, most of them with college degrees, I'm sure! Anyway, I'm sure you must get these sort of flattering emails all the time so don't feel obligated to reply. Keep up the great work!

"Paris Hilton"

I didn't do much today. I dusted and cleaned. Ooh la la. I was watching Greed tonight and one of the contests stated she was "musically inclined". When asked why by super-star Chuck Wollery, she replied, "I go to New York once a year to see a musical." I feel like I did more today but I guess I didn't. Oh oh oh, I studied hard for my Trading Spaces course with at least a six-hour review. I looked at the same material twice because I had so much time. FSU is out of the NCAA Tournament. Oh well, maybe next year.




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