Another Dollar | 03/15/04

Another day another dollar. I think I booked us another gig today for April 1st. It pays $300/hr per person. APRIL FOOLS! No seriously, I booked us a gig for that day at the capitol building. I had a pleasant chat with Dr. Von Glahn today about directing the steel band next year. She forwarded me to Dr. Kite-Powell. I sent him an email begging for a meeting. I know they don't want to hire me as an adjunct and I think that sucks. They won't admit it (yet) but I know it's coming. Fortunately, I have a new backup plan. Stetson University apparently owns a bunch of pans and has no one to direct them. They don't know they need me yet but they soon will as soon as Jamie's sister's friend emails Jamie back so I know who to email attack with my pro-Mike propaganda. Theory-Chris came over and gave me the notes for my Atonal homework since I missed class on Friday because of the damn car. I made a very delicious chicken noodle soup for dinner and now, sadly, I must go read. And read a lot. And then grade papers. And stuff.




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