Lab Monitoring | 03/16/04

As far as Tuesdays and Thursdays go today wasn't too bad. My first class went exceptionally well--I was able to get 11/12 computers working, easily besting my old score. Despite working frantically on my Music of the Caribbean paper, I found out it's not due until Thursday, so I'm glad I didn't rush to finish it. The down side, is that I didn't find out until around 3:30, so I had already invested all that time. I also called Comcast today and tomorrow evening I get to pick up my new modem. Hooray. I'm sick of these dial-up speeds. Tomorrow I have a day full of meetings--Clendinning, Eli-The-Groom and the ever-"stoic" Dr. Kite-Powell. I called the woman from Image Protocol about the gig on March 30th and she said she'd fax me the contract today. Yeah, right. It's been almost a month and while I am a very patient person, I want my ducks in a row. At least a diagonal. In other news, my forehead itches like a beast and I don't know why.




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