FSU upsets Wichita State! | 03/17/04

Well, it's 1:38am and I just finished arranging two more pieces for rehearsal tomorrow. I admit, I did a mediocre job. The notes are there but that's about it. I anticipate having my time machine done late tomorrow so I should be able to go back in time and redo these arrangements in about ten minutes sometime last week. I got a B+ on my atonal project and I deserved it. My chart, although done with the best intention, was terrible and I should have stuck to shelling out the 89 cents to buy colored pencils and scrawl all over the score. It made sense to me and I had no desire whatsoever to follow most of my classmates back to 4th grade. Maybe for our next project they'll make some shoebox dioramas. Fun. After class I took a quick shower, changed out of my St. Patty's day celebratory bandana and into a more respectable attire and headed off for The Loop to meet with Eli about a gig. As it turns out, he's already married and is just having a party for it now. He wants mostly sell-out music, which I understand. He seems like a really great guy (he bought me lunch) and invited Jamie and I to an event at the University Club on Friday as his guests. I don't really know what that is but I should probably go and say hi. The two new pieces (that I just finished) are Red Red Wine and No Woman No Cry. We have a version of the UB40 song but the parts are hand-written and completely illegible. And even if they could be read, I suspect that they done poorly. Even if my version sucks, which it might, at least the parts are clean(ish). My meeting with Dr. Clendinning went well today and after lunch I met with Dr. Kite-Powell about directing the steel band next year. He seemed receptive to my ideas and I'm hoping that I made a good enough case that they'll decide to pass over the nerdy and uninspired future grad students and hand the reigns to me. I'm not going to get my hopes up, though. Not yet anyway. I parted ways with Turtle Ab and MR Fish tonight. Jamie came by for a bit and...whoa, her car was towed. We drove out to the place to get it but it would have cost $120 to get it tonight and only $80 tomorrow. So I'll give you one guess who gets to drive her there at 8am. It's me! In other news, The Ab took a massive dump on my floor tonight. Good thing she's so cute or I'd turn her into glue sticks. FSU and UWM both played tonight in the NIT Tournament. UWM destroyed Rice by 28 and FSU lost in double overtime to Wichita State. So much for my fantasy of a UWM vs FSU final where both teams are short-handed so they ask me to play all-time offense (since I'm at the game). Speaking of basketball, there was some new Ph. D theory guy lurking about with the faculty and I ran into him with a bunch of other people at The Loop. Apparently, Drs. Shaftel & Buchler were sharing my basketball stories. I wasn't that violent! I punched ONE guy. Just ONE. And the ONE guy I did punch broke Mark's eye for Christ's sake. I know by some accounts it appeared like I punched him and then twisted his stomach fat but in reality I just patted him in the mid-section and the flesh of his soft underbelly might have somehow become entangled in my fingers afterward. Anyway, it's not like I murdered him and had my way with his wife. I didn't!

Whoa, update--ESPN screws up! They put the winning arrow by Wichita State but really FSU won in double overtime. Well, well, well. Looks like my fantasy might come true after all....




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