Red Red Wine Arrangement | 03/18/04

Greetings to whomever from ISU is reading this regularly. I almost went to ISU for undergrad but I couldn't stand not being able to live in a big city. Who knew I'd end up in Tallanothing, FL. My students have done well so far but absences are starting to become a real problem. I fully understand missing some class. I hate to get up that early to teach too. As Peter Griffin once said in an episode of Family Guy while addressing Congress, "Come on. Come on!" How you can miss four weeks of class already? Speaking of missing class, I skipped Music Bibliography today to work on my Music of the Caribbean paper (I mean nap). Ryan was not at rehearsal tonight because his wife Missy is having pregnancy complications. We didn't even know she was pregnant. Hopefully it will all work out for them. Tension and angst are both growing within the small group. I'm not sure what it will take for it to stop but hopefully whatever it is will surface quickly. Matt's brother Joe came to our small-group rehearsal and played some very fine congas. I did not play well tonight, not at all. Apparently my arrangement of Red Red Wine was lacking a crucial part to the song. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and download it since God knows there are no UB40 albums in my house. One of my plans for this summer is to gather all the old DAT tapes of Mas N' Steel and put together a "Best Of" since we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year. It's sad to say that we probably don't sound much better than the first year they had the group but if nothing else there's more interest in the ensemble. Too bad we have the same drums that they had. Maybe we can sell some CDs and make $50 to buy a new mallet or something. Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready to kick back with some cold ones.




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