Underground Tropical Tank Filter | 03/19/04

Man O Man! If there were any examples of apathy being good today was it. The problem was I learned this the hard way--by doing things. Atonal was fine. I checked out some old Mas N Steel CDs from the music library and they were fair. They collaborated more with other ensembles and instrumentalists and I wish we did that now. I came home, picked up Dr. C and went to look at fish. After not buying anything I came home and took a much needed nap. I picked up Jamie for a truly disgusting dinner at TGIF. Apparently their "world famous mashed potatoes" are of the rare "instant" species. After dinner, I dragged Jamie to Wal-Mart to buy some fish supplies. My goal of the night was to fish both tanks up real nice. This included a filter fix for the cichlid tank and a complete overhaul of the tropical tank. Well, we got the filter working without too much trouble...maybe a half-hour of suck-starts. We then set our sights on the bedroom tank. I had just finished scooping all the fish when there was a knock on my door. It was my apartment manager and a very upset resident of #212. Apparently, when we "fixed" the filter I knocked an elbow joint loose and it was leaking profusely. It leaked into my downstairs' neighbors apartment. We finally got it fixed after dumping about two gallons of water into his pad. Sorry, lawyer-guy. He was a real asshole about it at first, but I guess no wants two gallons of water all over their TV and other electronic equipment at 1:45am. After another half-hour Jamie installed the new underground filter in the tropical tank. While the water settles, I'm writing this. Before I go to bed I'd like to transfer the dozens of tropical fish out of the 10 gallon tank in the kitchen back into their normal home. Hooray.




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