Yippie-kai-A | 03/20/04

I woke up early and got so much done today. Yippie-kai-A. Jamie and I went to the Tallahassee Nursery, her former employer, and I bought a couple new plants and 55 lbs of rock for my cichlid tank. You'd think 55 lbs would be a lot of rock, but it's really not. I was on Ab Duty all day and the dogs were really well-behaved for the most part. After washing the rock later this afternoon, I emptied out the cichlid tank and rebuilt it from the gravel up. It appears that I have only ten fish left, down from the peak of 33. I plan on buying more now that I have a habit that is less conducive to homicide. Speaking of fish tanks, my other one is SPARKLING. The tropical fish spent the night in the hospital tank and fortunately, they all lived through the night. One of my first missions this morning was to transfer them back. Everything was going fine until one jumped of the bucket. I pride myself on being someone who will not touch gross things, such as fish. Sadly, I either had to grab it or let it die on my floor (since I had waited a minute before deciding what to do). I sucked it up and grabbed it by the tail and tossed it into the holding bucket. It lived. Hooray. That tank is so bright it almost hurts your eyes to look at it. This afternoon Jamie and I watched Bowling for Columbine. I really like Michael Moore and I thought the movie was very powerful. I would highly recommend it. The best part is one of the interviewees stating that he wishes he could go back and tell himself in high school that high-school-life does not dictate anything. I remember thinking that whatever I was in high school was what I was going to be the rest of my life. Fortunately, that is not the case. Jamie went to her roommate's 21st birthday party tonight and I stayed home with the attack dogs. There was only one near-fatal attack from Chompy but fortunately I was able to run into the bedroom to save Ab's life. When not saving Ab's life I finished the last two must have arrangements for the upcoming gigs. The first was the hornpipe movement of the Handel Water Music and the other was Bob Marley's One Love. I didn't have a score for either but transcribing both were much easier than I anticipated. I spent about a total of 12 hours on the Handel (including parts-time) and only about 3 on the Bob Marley. Hmm, I see that Ab has completely destroyed her hippo and it's now in fluffy pieces all over the floor. Fantastic! UWM lost on a buzzer-beater tonight so now I only have to root for FSU in the NIT Tournament. Ok, I promise no more fish-updates for a while.




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