This Date in History | 03/23/04

I'm very relieved that it's not just me. Brian updated his website today after keeping us in bored-suspense for the past couple days. While I agree with almost everything in Brian's diatribe, I'm starting to lose my "verve" for teaching. The fact of the matter is that having twice as many people, if not more, than the number of computers in the lab makes teaching this class next to impossible. As I'm sure I've said before, the idea of sharing might be great for other things, computers cannot be shared when everyone has x amount of time to get things done. I sure as hell wouldn't want to sit there and watch someone else work on a project while I literally did nothing for two weeks. I know the majority of my students are getting pissed and I'm getting pissed too. I think I have to dice the class into halves and have each half come on a different day. The problem is that there won't be enough time to explain everything in class for Finale. It's a lose-lose situation and I just don't know what to do. I hate being as flexible as I have to be to teach this class. No one can get anything done so I push the due dates back. Once I do that, everything else has to move back which means the calendar is worthless so people just stop coming. And that sucks. The worst part is that there is no one to complain to. AND today was the first day in A YEAR that 12/12 computers were "working". When I say "working", I mean that they weren't crashing--there were, of course, all of the software problems. Hmm, maybe it's time to stop using the version of the program that was released in 1991? How about spending less money on buying new crap for the Macintosh side and update the f'ing programs on the PC side where CLASSES TAKE PLACE. When that program came out...let's see...

The Best of 1991

January 17, 1991 - Gulf War (Part I) Begins

March, 1991 - Silence of the Lambs wins Best Picture Oscar

April, 1991 - Nirvana releases Nevermind

June 12, 1991 - Jamie turns 8 years old

June, 1991 - 15 year old Kathy goes on a family vacation to California

August 3, 1991 - I start 7th grade

September 4, 1991 - Collapse of the Soviet Union

September 28, 1991 -Miles Davis dies

October, 1991 - Matt Shaftel is able to vote

October 27, 1991 - Minnesota Twins defeat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series

November, 1991 - All-Pro Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad Johnson and Derrick Brooks play their first year at FSU

December 7, 1991 - Matt Flynn is able to buy pornography legally

Oh, and the Florida State University School of Music purchased the latest Cakewalk software...




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