Keanu Reaves (the fish) | 03/24/04

For as terrible as my week as been, today was a great day. The Atonal quiz was a breeze but I missed the extra credit question. Apparently when I read "tetrachord" I thought of a "tetra fish" and in my mind it had three fins so I was looking for the wrong cardinality. Once I realized my mistake, I only had five minutes left. After class I came home and had a very pleasant conversation with an instructor in Roanoke, VA, who runs a music school. Alan Coyle had recommended he talk to me about doing some arranging. Hooray. He has been extremely successful putting the funds together to get drums. They have the exact ensemble we have at FSU...but theirs are two years old...and he's looking to expand it from there! Included in the conversation was my doing a workshop with other steel band composers and arrangers--awesome! The dog park was fun today--lots of cranky pits. The Ab got sick on the way home so we had to stop to get some water, which she didn't drink. Once back at my house, she puked a half-dozen times. Jamie and I went to Bennigan's for dinner and it was nothing short of terrible. At first, our waitress thought I was a girl and referred to us as "ladies". Even though the place was maybe 15% full, we were there for almost an hour and a half because she was sitting in this booth talking to these two (as Matt Flynn calls them) chaches (CHA-chez). After dinner I talked Jamie into coming to PetCo (where the pets go) and I bought a couple new fish since I was having such a great day. In addition to two Chinese Algae Eaters I shelled out the big bucks for a Dragon Fish (in the picture). He's only about a foot long and not nearly as scary looking as that one in the picture. He ain't pretty, though, that's for damn sure. He and Keanu Reaves were already fighting over territory. Speaking of Keanu Reaves, he's on his last fish-legs and his scales are starting to fall off. I've thought "today is the day" for the past three days and every morning he's still alive so I hope he can manage to fight off "Eelian Gonzales" for control of lava rock village!




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