Hey Baby | 03/25/04

Hey baby. No, not you. The new baby cichlid that Jamie discovered in the tank today! It's a baby aura (those yellow and black ones in the picture) but I'm not sure of its gender just yet. It's about the size of a pinky nail's clipping or a small grain of rice. Apparently Dr. Mean was able to sow his wild fish-oats before he passed on. I read that they usually come in baker's dozen but I'm sure with all the hungry and cranky fish in my tank that only a couple survived. Keanu Reaves took a turn for the worst today. All, the circle of life.

Today was a damn long day. I did hear some real nice Cakewalk projects in my class, though I heard some pretty terrible ones too. The small group bubble finally exploded and after some yelling things improved vastly. The things we recorded post-fight sound hundreds of times better than the pre-fight crap. So the secret of music is playing angry. Y'know, in case you were wondering. Tonight was Jason, the new auxiliary player's first night. Here are some mono tracks that I haven't gotten around to editing yet, but they're only like 2 megs each, so it shouldn't be unbearably long.




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