Damn Ian | 03/26/04

I admit it. I am writing this a day late. I am sorry.

I received a 94% on my Atonal quiz. I made a stupid mistake that cost me a 97%. And the three points that separated me from a 100% were debatable. Although I conveyed accurately that the row was constructed from a [014] trichord, I didn't use the word "imbricated" so didn't get the points. Oh well. I met with the Gig-Guy at the capitol building. The view from the top floor, where they're having the reception is very nice. Sadly, he can't pay us all the money at once. He did give me cash for the deposit and he seems trustworthy enough to come through. Just in case, the payment plan is stated in the contract. Maybe if he doesn't pay on time I can take him to Judge Joe Brown and win the money in small claims court. I need to call Liz about getting us a time in the recital hall. While the mini-disc player does a fine job, it still sounds like it was recorded in a cramped room full of crap (which it was). Jamie and I cleaned my house when she got off work to prepare for, as Alex calls it, Texas Hood-lum Night. The consensus was to not play for real money so we busted out my two jars of coins and divided it up between the six of us (me, Kathy, Meg, Ian, Chris and Jamie). By the end, we were getting sick of playing so we started playing "all in" as the ante of the lowest player to guarantee people would be out. Below is a chart so that you too can feel as though you were there watching it all pan out.

Hand # Mike Kathy Meg Ian Chris Jamie
1 $0.34 $6.14 $1.77 $7.24 $5.74 $4.34
2 $0.00 $7.50 $1.43 $6.90 $5.41 $4.00
3 $6.07 $0.00 $5.47 $3.98 $10.22
4 $2.09 $1.49 $0.00 $22.16
5 $0.60 $4.47 $20.67
6 $0.00 $5.67 $20.07
7 $11.37 $14.40
8 $22.68 $3.06
9 $25.74 $0.00
Winner: Ian

It really wasn't that great of a game for me personally.  I should have adopted the "Groan n' Win" tactics of others.  Apparently complaining enough results in massive amounts of money flowing to you.  On the bright side, I know now that I have over $25 in coins in my house just in case I ever really need to scrape some money together.  Take that CoinStar!




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