Stealing From PetSmart | 03/27/04

Ah, dishonesty. Jamie and I stole $16 worth of doggy nail clipping today from PetSmart. We still managed to spend about $50, though. I bought a few new fish and so far everyone is doing well. Eelian Gonzales poked his head out for the first time today, so I'm not as worried about him. The baby aura, Miss Tough, is still alive and kicking. I bought a couple other auras today since I now know they can mate successfully. I also bought a baby peacock since he was on sale as well as some tasty blood worms. This afternoon I watched the dogs while Jamie studied for the GRE. In addition to watching some basketball, I prepared the Mas N' Steel page for April Fools Day. Oh man, you guys are in for a treat! You'll have to look at the main page, though. After dinner we watched Monster--the movie based upon this prostitute who killer her clients. It was really bad but the acting was great. The plot was abysmal and I felt no empathy whatsoever for the main character. Christina Ricci was pretty cute, though, even with her boy-haircut. It's always nice to see a beautiful actress with a receding hairline like me.




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