Weekoff | 03/28/04

Gee, thanks for telling me I've been a date off all week. Apparently I counted one of my pupdates as a real date. Oh well. Since today was wholly uneventful I figured I'd make a little collage of my fish. I've been doing a bad job of keeping track if they've alive or dead so from now on I have this handy little sheet to look at. Ah, my cute little African Cichlids and other weird looking beasts. As you can see from the large red X, I already found one of the new PetSmart ones dead. That didn't take very long. With a flashlight I can see the end of her body but there's no way I'm moving 55 lbs of rock to get it out for my $3 refund. I tried to make them size relative, with the Ms. Tough being the smallest (the baby). I was fortunate enough to find a lot of fish online that look similar to my own--especially Keanu Reeves with that stupid blank expression and Eelian Gonzales. The two male auratus on the left don't have names yet because they'll probably be killed by 'Ma before the week is up. She's such a bitch. I had to come up with some names--I named Luol that after the Duke basketball player Luol Deng. I guess I was connecting Kenya (the fish) with Central African Republic (the boy). Well, Africa is Africa, right Jamie? In the fifteen minutes it took me to make that stupid picture I could have easily been done with my Atonal project but no, for some reason I thought it best to waste even MORE time.

I think we'll be ready for the upcoming gigs, even if none of us speak to each other for a week afterwards. There's only a month left of school and I have to admit that I'm pretty damn happy about it. I'd really like to hear back from some freaking jobs, though. Starting April 1st, I'm going to move these past three months worth of entries to another page so that the main page will load a little faster. Apparently it takes 1733 seconds to load up on a 28.8 modem. That seems like almost a half-hour. I doubt that's accurate. HIGHLY doubt it's accurate. Whatever. I need to keep on truckin'.




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