Rice-A-Roni | 09/24/06

Thanks to Christine and a friend of her husband Erick, Jamie and I were able to score some great tickets to the Rice game. Although they were "only" on the 2 yard line, they were best seats we've ever had--they were only about 10 rows up from the field. I felt like I could spit on Xavier Lee or catch one of his (errant?) passes. The stadium was really empty and we were able to lean back onto the seats behind us and get some major sun. We left in the third quarter because it was damn hot out and FSU was whomping Rice.

I spent the rest of my weekend vigorously cleaning my house and planning my applications for my DM. I even cleaned all the mud out of my bathtub that had been there for a little too long. How'd I get mud in my tub? Glad you asked. On NPR they said it was good for houseplants to have their full pots submerged in water to get an even water/root distribution. They suggested getting a small bucket and dunking each plant. I had a bucket but it's the same one I used to change the water in my fishtanks so I didn't want to get it dirty so I used my bathtub. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. Don't do it.

In other news Tim and I were totally screwed in Pick 'Em. We both had ND being upset my Michigan State and ND should have lost that game. Because of some fortunate events it didn't happen and both Elena and PChris both had perfect weeks while Tim and I fought for last place. BC was also upset by NC State and only Elena and P-Chris got that right. I can live with being wrong on that one but man, ND should have lost! And why I picked NC to upset Clemson I'll never know.

GAME 6: #5 FSU at #19 Virginia Real FSU lost this game 26-21. I won 63-49. Whoa, a shootout! I had to suspend the following players for missing team meetings: Video AJ Nicholson, Video Antonio Cromartie and Video Ernie Sims. My defense sucked so it's a good thing I'm not comparing myself against Real Mickey Andrews. I think anytime you put 60 points on the board you're the winner of an offensive showdown. Since I won and Jeff lost I give myself the win here.3-2-1. GAME 7: #4 FSU at Duke I totally pulled a Real FSU vs. Citadel in this one. I was winning 7-6 at halftime then opened it up in the second half and won 52-6. Real FSU won 55-24. There was nothing notable at all about this game other than I think I defeated Jeff Bowden again. 4-2-1.




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