My favorite peacock | 03/29/04

Oops, I left off my favorite fish last peacock. I never named him and this picture doesn't really capture the fact that he is easily the most beautiful fish in the tank. Anyway, I read my matrices backwards for my Atonal project last night. Let that be a lesson to me to not work so late. I somehow got my contact stuck in my inner-eye and it's been really red all day, so I'm stuck with my classes. After class I went to the library to copy the thousands of pages of theory. I came home, ate some delicious leftovers and took a brief nap. This evening I read through Alex's article on Klumpenhower networks. To paraphrase the actor (not the fish) Keanu Reeves, "whoa." I feel like writing a song that goes something like "theory is not for me, repeat, repeat, repeat". I also made this poster for the upcoming concert. I left off the 8pm time but other than that I think it's pretty neat. It still needs a couple fixes and the discrepancies in the background should be less noticeable once I make it grayscale for copying. I'll probably make a couple more changes like adding some eyes complete with angry eyebrows on both instruments. I guess it's possible to make some serious posters but whenever I see creative ones it grabs my attention. Well, I guess it's back to the theory-realm once I send out some (sh)e-mails.




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