All About The Benjams | 03/30/04

It's all about the benjamins, baby. Just in case you were wondering what the price of friendship is, it's $130. My day was wholly uneventful except for the gig tonight. I think Thursday's will go more smoothly, if for no reason than it can in no way be more stressful than tonight's. Everything from finding where the hell we were supposed to play, to lost music, to set list problems, to drinking, it was all covered tonight. For all the drama of the night, we didn't play too badly even if the audience was, shall we say, less than receptive. If nothing else, I got to make my debut on the field of Doak Campbell Stadium and got to tightrope-walk across the goal posts. Seven of our book-us now sheets were taking but I'm not sure how many were taken by members of the jazz band. Jason did a nice job tonight in his opening night with Less N' Steel. Hopefully we'll all wake up tomorrow feeling good.




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