Future of Steel Drum Music in America | 03/31/04

So let me answer the question on everyone's mind: Who IS the future of steel band music in the United States. It's me. I finished LaSalle Bank (in honor of Matt's dog [La]Sall[e]y). It's really rocking, I have to admit. It's very rare that you get to modulate far away in pan music but not only did I do it, I got it into the locrian mode, everyone's favorite. I also wrote a new piece tonight, Modest Funk Bus Station since let's face it, we'll never sound like Grand Funk Railroad. It sounded terrible in the midi playback (surprise surprise) because all the notes couldn't be held properly making it sound more dissonant than it really was. I made it to the bank today so everyone will be receiving their check on time from me tomorrow. Chris and Mike hung out with me tonight and now I'm very confident things will run smoothly tomorrow. Saturday will be another entity all together just because we have to play for five hours. FIVE HOURS. At least Nathan will be there and he's always good for morale.




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