Mas N' Steel | 04/02/04

Yes indeed, pretty relaxing day. Both this page and the homepage of Mas N' Steel had a large number of hits today. I would like to think that was because we played so well that people did searches for us but I somehow doubt that was the case. The most interesting thing that happened today was a self-imposed challenge. I always say I can fall asleep in under a minute but I never really knew for sure. I had just finished practicing at 12:45 and was sitting in the steel drum room when I decided I was tired enough to try to fall asleep in under a minute. To actually make it challenging, I put myself into the most uncomfortable position I could, hunched on a chair with one leg on the desk and one hanging off, with my head straight down on my chest. I'm not sure if I made it in under a minute, but if I didn't, it was close. The problem was I was supposed to meet with Dr. Rogers at 2pm. I woke up at 1:55 and with the exception of my right arm and hand, I had no feeling in any extremity. I still had control, though, of all my limbs, I just couldn't feel them. I stood up and collapsed immediately. I sat there for a good ten minutes as my limbs started to throb their way out of being asleep. I stood up successfully and kind of dragged myself over to the door because I was now officially late to see Dr. Rogers. I open it up and there's Dr. Kite-Powell looking at me as though I was a complete retard. So now I'm stuck having to pretend to read all these stupid signs about generic economics programs in Vietnam while I wait for the ability to walk without having to hold onto the wall. Eventually he retreated to his office and I was able to put the key away in the locker. Dr. Rogers showed me the error of my ways, hooray. Jamie and I watched Gothika last night. I give it a solid D. It wasn't very scary and there were too many inconsistencies to even make your suspend your disbelief long enough to be frightened.




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