Springtime Tallahassee | 04/03/04

This morning Jamie and I went to Springtime Tallahassee. There were lots of little craft-like things and aside from the underwater photography of weird fish and the ceramic toilet paper dispenser shaped like a frog (where the paper comes out the mouth) there really wasn't much to talk about. I ate lunch at Andrew's Capital Grill and it wasn't particularly great. We had a long discussion about the uses of capital versus capitol that ultimately ended in a stalemate. Our afternoon was captured by our 39 hour gig at this really beautiful house out in the boonies. Everything went pretty smoothly aside from the D major chord that accidentally came out when they looked like they were going to kiss (when we were supposed to start the song) but didn't (the first chord in the song we were supposed to play). Everyone there got a good laugh out it, so I guess it all worked. We dunked Michael in the fountain for his 21st birthday, although midnight had not yet struck. Jamie and I then got some fast food and watched Duke get edged by UConn before I fell asleep. Although I usually root against Duke, I felt obligated to root for them since FSU wasn't even in the NCAA Tournament and I wanted to root for someone in the ACC. So why *not* Duke? I thought it would be nice to root for a winning basketball team. I guess now my allegiance will go towards Georgia Tech even though the only person I know that goes there is this girl named Colleen Yaege* who made fun of me in 7th grade in our church's Saturday School because I had the same shoes as she did. I had raged against my parents' desire to keep me in velcro shoes a few years previously and in 7th grade I finally got a pair of Nike's (not Nike Air, mind you). Well, anyway, having very narrow feet, my mom tricked me into buying girl's shoes. I admit, I kind of wondered why they were so red but because they had NIKE scrawled across the back I didn't care. Jumping ahead to that fateful class, Colleen was whispering to Dawn Whit* (what ever happened to her?) about something and then they both giggled at my feet and it was at that point I saw it--we had the same shoes on. I tried to stick them behind me to help block their view but it didn't work. I'd like to say I didn't care but I did--obviously if I remember this now that I'm repeating the 19th grade. Well, Colleen, you've got to be like a 8th year senior at GT and Dawn, well, you've probably had a bunch of kids or are dead, so there. Ok, I changed my mind--I'm rooting for UCONN; I hate Georgia Tech.

*=I don't want them typing their names into Google and finding me! God only knows what clothing we share now and I'd hate to find out that either of them had the same bandanas or frilly underwear as me.




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