Happy Birthday Michael! | 04/04/04

Happy birthday, Mike R! I think adding the chinstrap for your party-hat threw off the proportions of your head, so I'm sorry.

Today I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. One of my many jobs today was to do laundry, which ordinarily would be no problem. However, some buttsniff law student left his metallic DayPlanner pen in my dryer. I, of course, did not find this until all my clothes were on my bed waiting to be hung up. Oh, and I didn't find the pen (yet), I found ALL OF MY DRESS SHIRTS with HUGE black ink stains everywhere. I tried to get them out but sadly, it was too late. Good-bye Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein and others. Sure, you were my favorite shirts to wear and my only shirts to teach in, but I guess it's time to say good-bye. I might take them to a dry cleaner but I doubt that'll do any good. Due to the time change I'm very tired and "have miles to go before I sleep", much like Robert Frost.




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