Highlights and Lowlights: Preschool | 04/05/04

Ah, opening day, how I love thee. The Cubs won their opener against the Cincinnati Reds this afternoon. Opening day is easily one of my favorite days of the year. Aside from going to the bank and to Petland, I did nothing but bask in the victorious Cubs. Chompy had a nice time watching the game with me. After it was over Jamie called--apparently her roommate Danielle had found (yet another) lost dog. I came to pick up The Ab while they looked for the owner. It was a pretty ugly border collie-lab mix but she was definitely a house-dog and they went off in search of their owner while the dogs pummeled each other here. Chompy was in a particularly mean mood after seeing the mystery dog and took it out on The Ab. For dinner we had a Freschetta pizza and I whole-heartedly recommend them. Earlier today I stopped by the grad office and we all shared horror stories of our youth. I was so inspired that I thought I would devote the next 20 entries to the highlights and lowlights of every year of my education. Bryan Richards pointed out that I am still being controlled by my terrible experiences as a youth and that I need to let it all out. So here it is.



My only real friend in preschool was this kid named Sam. I remember almost nothing about him except that he had straight hair and I wished that I too had straight hair. We made butterfly pictures out of footprints (we dipped our feet in now-illegal lead-based paint and stamped them onto paper) and some raisins. I'm sure my mom still has it somewhere although I'd be willing to bet she's long-since eaten the raisins.


To make up for the fact I was a total loser and wimp until halfway through my freshman year of high school, I lied and told everyone that the aforementioned Sam had been on a roller coaster with me and when it went upside-down he fell out and died, which is why I refused to go on the coasters that went upside-down. No one ever called me on it, which was surprising. It was really a stupid, unbelievable lie. I have a terrible feeling that lying will be a recurring theme until about my sophomore year of high school. Anyway, as if MY mom would have ever allowed me to even go on a roller coaster in middle school. Please.




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