Highlights and Lowlights: Kindergarten | 04/06/04

Ah, teaching. Last night after my entry I coerced Jamie into figuring out absences in my classes. Such slackers. This afternoon Bryan Richards took me out to lunch and shared with me the telekinetic powers of the former doctoral student Traci. Apparently she was able to recall a dream that he had a decade prior with complete detail. Creepy. After lunch I took a little nap. I got my midterm back in my Music of the Caribbean class with a big fat A on it. Next week I get to give a lecture on steel pan performance. I better not screw up. Now that the topic is Trinidad I will have no problem staying awake. Rehearsal was the same inane run-throughs. Evil-Chris is starting to tear some really good solos. And to think, I didn't even want him in the group--silly me. He still can't play much of the music but his solos are starting to approach the top levels of the group. I couldn't play worth a damn tonight but oh well. After rehearsal Alex came over to talk about our presentation tomorrow. Now, I'm waiting for my chicken dumpling soup to finish so I can finish my portion of the project and hit the hay. Secret Count: Day 1 (2)


Highlight: In order to go to recess we had to spell a word correctly collectively as a class. One of the frequent words was music and the only kid in the class that could spell it consistently was Scott Hosford. On one particularly fine day, he was sick and I spelled it correctly because he had written it down for me. Everyone rejoiced and I was the hero. The next class period I kissed him on the cheek to let him know my appreciation. Thus started a long period of sexual confusion.

Lowlight: Stupid George Poulakidas, the future Bully of Wheatland wouldn't calm down for a sub during our daily singing of the Letter-People Song. Hence, none of us received the pink card we got every day if we were good. It didn't make sense to me that I had to be punished because someone else screwed up. Hmm, that sort of elitist attitude certainly is no longer prevalent in my life currently.




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