Atlanta Bread Company Boycott | 10/16/06

As of today I am boycotting Atlanta Bread Company. I think their food is delicious, especially the Oreo Cheesecake desert. However, their "service" is unacceptable. Last night, for the THIRD TIME, Jamie and I ordered take out. We then proceeded to drive across town (with both dogs) to go pick it up. Upon arrival they tell us that they're out of soup. Between us we had ordered three bowls. The THIRD TIME. It's not like they just ran out. They'd been out of soup according to the little bitch working behind the counter. "I'm sorry, I should have checked when you were on the phone". Hell yeah you should have checked. I guess for $6/hr it would have been too taxing mentally to walk over to the soup vat, lift the cover, and confirm the existance of steaming hot chicken and dumpling soup. You stupid girl, if you had told us you didn't have any on the phone it would have been fine. We would have found other things to order, including the tasty shortbread cookies, but no! No! Your blind faith in the contents of the soup trough caused you to err for what is now the third time. Thanks to your apathy the number of restaurants I will eat at in this town has been decreased by a third. Bitch.


mike (Unknown)




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