Orangepeople | 09/21/06

Last night at karate I learned that I really could kill someone with a single blow. We were practicing with pads and although I talk about fighting a lot it never really sank in last night that it really would not be that hard for me to kill someone. Christine and I held fighting pads for each other and my god Chompy, my ridgehands would easily kill someone. It's kind of scary. After karate Jamie and I trotted over to TChris' house for some poker. I was out first and Jamie won. Good work baby.

GAME 4: #6 FSU vs. Syracuse
It was time to learn some new plays and who better to do it against that Syracuse. Real FSU won 38-14 so I knew I couldn't pull another BC if I was going to prove how I'm superior to Jeff Bowden with my offensive play calling. Video Wyatt Sexton was back after his injury last game and I learned that Video De'Cody Fagg needs to be a bigger part of my game plans. I went for 2-point conversions after each touchdown in the second half and the fans were BOO'ing! At home! Sure I was up like 49-0 at halftime but who cares? With about 0:07 left in the fourth quarter I scored another touchdown and went for two. I think the game got pissed at me because not only was the hand-off to unstoppable Video Leon Washington foiled but he fumbled it and the Video Syracuse Offensive Lineman was somehow able to outrun all of my guys for a touchdown with no time on the clock. That ended my streak of 11 consecutive scoreless quarters. Final Score: 83-6. Sorry Jeff, I win this one: 2-1-1

GAME 5: #5 FSU vs. Wake Forest I don't know what happened but Wake Forest was dangerously close to winning this game. Closer than anyone else other than Miami. Maybe it was because I was on the road? Oh wait, I wasn't. My NCAA #1 rushing offense was completely shut down by Wake. On the game I had a paltry 33 yards rushing. At halftime the score was 7-3 but on the last play of the half they completed something like a 70 yard pass and were tackled at my 1. Whew. I'd hate to go into halftime losing. Unfortunately they picked up on the very first play of the second half and took a 10-7 lead. Going into the fourth quarter we were tied at 13-13. What the hell is going on here!!! Why can't Video Greg Carr catch a damn pass?? In the fourt quarter I threw it to Video De'Cody Fagg literally every down and poured on two more touchdowns. Wake scored another field goal but the last play of the game was ANOTHER bomb that was caught at around my 3 yard line. There go all my good stats. Final Score: 24-16. Real FSU won 42-24. Man, it sucks to get outcoached by Jeff Bowden. 2-2-1.




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