Highlights and Lowlights: Second Grade | 04/08/04

Ah, blackout! It was 9:52 and I was in the middle of this sentence, "Ok, only a couple minutes left, save what you're doing and get ready to get out of here." Sadly, as I finished the word "minutes" the power went out. With all the windows closed blacked out with the heavy-duty bars, it was almost completely black. The class let out a collective scream and I laughed. No really, I laughed. It was one of those inopportune moments but I couldn't help myself. Once I got back under control I told them to say a prayer for my fishtank so I wouldn't have to suck-start the filter again. Between classes I showed Bassoon-Chris how to do some things with Finale and he seemed pretty pleased. My second class dragged, and I mean dragged, on. I ate some left over Dominos pizza for lunch and reviewed my theory article and took some notes for a few hours before I watched the end of the Cubs self-sacrifice to the Reds. Stupid Reds and their stupid middle-of-the-order power-lineup. I found out in my Caribbean class that I was going to give my presentation a week from today. I plan to give a lecture-recital sort of thing since I have an hour and a half (I get my own class while the other grad students have to share). I'm thinking about playing one of my own pieces that I have yet to write-out yet. It's pretty hard and I'd hate to have to learn it by means of look-at-music-and-practice. I really want to to a great job so they feel stupid for not hiring me.

Second Grade

Highlight: Miss Palmatier, the first teacher I was ever in love with stupidly let me and this girl named Megan Dale go to the library on our own instead of sitting in class. We skipped class and sat in the hallway outside of the room and gossiped about everyone. About fifteen minutes later Ms. Palmatier stuck her head out the door and we were sitting there. Somehow, someway, Megan and I managed to say the next 5-8 sentences exactly at the same time. I wish I could remember what exactly we said but I'll never forgot that really bizarre feeling of doing the matching sentences so many times in a row. In other news, I was the standing-long-jump champion.

Lowlight: The other 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Niesler, brought our class in one today to watch a movie. The problem was that the movie was on fire safety and showed all these pictures of houses burning down. I was so scared my eyes welled up with tears. I went home and demanded my parents buy me a rope ladder so I could climb out of my window. That night I dreamt I was in the hallway of my parents' house and there were all these small, candle-sized flames dancing around the house and I couldn't put them out. I woke up crying and stayed home from school the next day because I thought our house was going to burn down as soon as I left. Had it stopped there I would have been fine but at least once every six months I have the same dream; now, though, at least I don't wake up crying. The last time I had it was in November, the day after Jamie and I broke up but in second grade I had it at least three times a week for about six months. Waa. WAA!




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