Charades | 04/14/04

Ah, Wednesdays. Today went smoothly enough but the World Music Rainbow concert ate my entire afternoon and evening. I think the Rainbow Concert is a fantastic idea--it brings in lots of people and money and publicity but at the same time, I played for six minutes and thirty seconds tonight, yet 2:20pm-11:15pm were taken up. In nine hours, I could write a pretty good panorama and learn the lead part. But six minutes of performance? To quote Alex, "come on!" On the whole we apparently played well but I was too focused on my miscue of page turning to really notice. I personally played pretty poorly because I spent way too much of my thought on dancing like an idiot rather than standing directly in front of of my pan, which of course caused my muscle memory of some areas to hit the wrong notes. Somehow I managed to turn the page to something blank halfway through the song. Chris not only kept playing but guided me back to the right page and showed me the line we were on. Hooray for Chris. To pass the time we were off-stage, we played some charades. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was fun, but it certainly passed the time really quickly. From the music section, Jamie acted out the 80's hit Once Spitten Twice Shy. Oh man, Ryan and I were crying we were laughing so hard. Even thinking about it now it makes me laugh. Spitten? Maybe that's what they call the title in Munchen, Deutschland but not here. Matt and I helped carry one of the Gamelan instruments back from Ruby Diamond and I will NEVER complain about moving pans again. Four of us carried a 500lb instrument back. I admit, I was not carrying my fair share--I had the top set of bells, where they were much smaller than Matt's set. Anyway, even for me to carry...oh, 100lbs over my shoulder for the 34 mile stretch of desert with prickly cacti between Ruby Diamond and the music building was strenuous enough. Matt was tough--he carried the middle section and easily had the largest percentage of the weight. Hooray for Matt. I need to ponder a good 6th grade story because right now I am drawing a complete blank.




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