Highlights and Lowlights: Mas N' Steel | 04/16/04

The party's over now.

Tonight officially ended my six semester tenure in the lead section of the FSU Steel Band. The concert went well, although there were not as many people there as in the past. Not only were there no people standing in the aisles but there were open seats. None of my friends, Jamie's friends, Matt's friends (or even fiancée) or really anyone else's friends came, so that was kind of sad. After the concert I was swarmed by about 30 Asian women who asked me to sign their chests...and by sign their chests I mean bow in my direction and say, "You so good". It was very bittersweet as we wrapped up the panorama. I'll miss playing with those guys but so many people are leaving (at least: me, Jamie, Evil-Chris, Dan, Ross, Jara, Tom and Ian) that next year's group is going to be held together by a couple really talented people (like Chris, Michael and Matt) but it will mostly be newbies. Well, anyway they'll definitely have their work cut out for them next year, though I'm confident Chris will be able to whip everyone into shape.

After the concert we went to On The Border. Earlier in the day Dr. Gretchen from IU came to give a talk in our Atonal class. We went out to lunch at the Charcoal Grill and we bonded over our deathly allergies to peanut butter. She cares a syringe with her in case she eats it. Wow.

Mas 'N' Steel

Highlight: The Spring '02 concert. It was outside and although it was hot as sin, rocking out with Matt Flynn in front of a very receptive audience. A close second was my first solo. Everyone thought I was the worst player in the group, and I probably was, but once I played a solo on El Montuno people started talking to me.

Lowlight: My first three weeks in the band I skipped three rehearsals because I was so bad I couldn't convince myself to go and embarrass myself. Here are a freshman and sophomore on both sides of me just humiliating me because they were so good and I was hunting and pecking for notes.




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