Highlights and Lowlights: Seventh Grade | 04/17/04

Boy, I did a whole lot of nothing today. I spent the most time napping, shortly followed by the four hours I spent watching the Cubs lose to Cincinnati. Stupid Reds. In the time I was awake, I managed to clean my living room and get dealt the greatest Euchre hand possible. I've never seen it in real life but there she is. I guess getting the 10 of clubs would technically be better but there is still no conceivable way to lose this hand. God, my day was boring. Writing about Euchre. Chris came by for a little while and then Jamie took me to Publix (since my damn car doesn't work).

I know I've been kind of slacking a little bit and not posting these the night they were "due" but I'm going to get back into my old, good habits again soon. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow (really today) and I hope I get a lot of it done (I haven't yet).

7th Grade

Highlight: Brian Kopf and I made it to the state finals for our science fair project, The Dissolving Rate of Red Starbursts. It was a pretty stupid project but we always had the red ones left (now the only ones I eat). Anyway, we would have won but someone (me) left some required piece of paper and although we had the highest score at the finals because of this single piece of paper we had to forfeit our trophy. God, we were nerds. Anyway, that same year I talked Brian into helping me use all my brother's toilet paper/paper towel/Christmas-Present-Paper/Assorted Cardboard tubes (which he religiously saved and stockpiled) for a huge fight. We ended up breaking all of them and Steve was pretty pissed. I'm sure he still harbors a grudge against me and keeps me on the "Kill" list. If you know Steve, you know he really does keep a Kill List. Hopefully once he makes it a little further through college he'll find drinking and drugs and that'll mellow him out a bit.

Lowlight: In our 7th grade science class I got stuck in a group with Ken Thomas, the "coolest" kid in our grade. I had just gotten a pair of tie-shoes a year ago and was very proud of them. He, on the other hand, coming from a disgustingly rich family, had the newest pair of Nike Air Jordans. The new craze from Nike was to have the actual airbag viewable from the sides. These shoes cost well over $150 in the early 1990s, which was about 5x as much as I was allowed to spend on a pair of shoes. Anyway, Ken was having a good laugh at my shoes (the only things visible through mine were my feet--I had had these same shoes for about a year and a half) so I mustered up all my courage and asked what he'd do if I took my pen and popped the air bags on his. He shrugged, took my pen and popped a hole in each shoe. The next day he had a brand new pair and did the same thing. The next day he had another brand new pair. Somehow after those three days he was at least nice to me. I guess my courage was good but damn that bastard and his parents' money. I felt so poor after that I was going to be a business man and focus on nothing but making money so I could buy my kids nice shoes every day. Oops, sorry kids.




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