Grandma's Birthday | 09/20/06

Today was my Grandma's Birthday.Happy birthday! I know you'll never read my blog--I don't think you've ever sat down in front of a computer but it's the thought that counts. Chompy was sick last night and I was up from about 4:30am with her making sure she didn't make too big of a mess in the house. She's fine now though. I met up with christine and jamie for Clyde's lunch buffet yesterday. Man, that's the only reason I wake up on Wednesday's.

GAME 2: #9 FSU vs. The Citadel
Real FSU won this game 62-10 but was tied at halftime. I remember the game because I was there with Jamie, Ricky and Tami. I vowed to blow them out. And, friends, I did. With 1096 yards of total offense I set a new NCAA Record with a 116-0 whomping. Had I not given the ball so many times to Video Leon Washington in the first quarter (he had 9 rushing touchdowns) I think I could have ran up the score even more. The Citadel was held to -60 yards of total offense. I'm not sure if it was just a flaw in the game or if they were that bad but blitzing them every single play destroyed anything they tried. I also had 19 sacks. Sorry Jeff, but my offensive play calling was way better. Chalk one up to me. 1-0-1

GAME 3: #9 FSU at #13 Boston College
How do you not move up in the rankings after winning by 116? Come on! After the crushing of The Citadel I was probably too cocky going into Boston College. By halftime I had already thrown 3 interceptions and Video Leon Washington and Video Lorenzo Booker each had a fumble although I was winning 3-0. In the third quarter Video Wyatt Sexton was hurt on a 20 yard-losing sack and I had to turn to Video Xavier Lee. (Video Wyatt Sexton? In the game he didn't go crazy so I kept him.) Oh, if only I had known how to run the option! BC left me some big holes but by the time I figured out how to run through them they sacked me; I gave up nine sacks in the game. Fortunately, Video Antonie Cromartie ran back a punt for a TD in the 4th quarter to put the game out of reach and BC fell at home 13-0. I did a pretty crappy job only scoring 6 points on offense with eight turnovers. Real FSU won 28-17 in Real Drew Weatherford's first coming-out party. I know when I'm beat so I will concede the win to Jeff Bowden. 1-1-1




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