Emo Kids | 04/20/04

Hey emo kids, it's 4-20, time to get high and talk about how the stresses of your life are preventing you from changing the world. Here's my little entry in the emo style...

dark. i rejected the sun's attempt to take me from my dreamscape and continued to sleep, the only time i am happy. my protest against both the electric company and owners of the laundry machines in my apartment complex prevented me from showering or changing my underwear for the fifth straight day. i gave my lemming-like classes a quiz and then their sussai forms. i'm sure they're too busy listening to john mayer and other pointless bands to even think about all the work that goes into that class. after class i sat home in the engulfing darkness of my soul-trapping apartment and listened to some underground music i bought on vinyl because it was on vinyl. since i don't actually know how to operate my record player i had to settle for imagining the lyrics over these pieces i've been writing on my guitar. even tho they're only two chords i think it really captures me and my fish-in-a-blender sort of life. oh, i need to write that one down on my list of band names. instead of going to music bibliography i went to the local dump to pick up the rest of the clothes for my summer wardrobe. in the only positive thing that has ever happened to me, i found a frayed copper wire that i can use for a belt. that reminds me, everything sucks. so after getting high and contemplating why i am such a loser and that honestly i am the only significant person in this universe i went to my last class and listened to some salsa music. it was ok--it was no Easter Bunny Eating Pheasant Placenta but it was still ok. i went to the mas n steel party after my class and pretended to partake in the jubilation of others but really i knew that i was just another concert closer to the warm embrace of death. i stayed up until 5am thinking about some band names and finishing a paper before i got high again, sewed some new patches on all my clothes and went to bed.




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