Jamie's Crying | 04/21/04

Other than getting the Taurus started my day was very uneventful. Hence, here is Jamie's day.

I should start this entry by saying that I feel very flattered to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to post my own content on Mikes journal. I hope no one is bored by the tedious details of my life. Theres no way I could ever match the excitement of Mikes entries, for I will not be talking about studying atonal theory, looking at my fish or consuming large amounts of fast food. Hope no one is too disappointed! But anyway, Mike, Im truly honored that youve entrusted your journal to me youve made my week worthwhile. Id better move on before I begin to cry I know you wouldnt want your journal-space invaded with something as silly as emotion.

Wednesday (yesterday) wasnt terribly interesting. I woke up early to finish my paper on using feminist psychotherapy with victims of sexual assault for my Womens Issues class. Yes everyone, social work majors do conduct research, write papers and study more than the art of holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Around 11:30, I hear my favorite roommate get into the shower, and I panicked. My class wasnt until 1, but her hobbies include taking 30 minute showers and spending 30 minutes following her showers in the bathroom doing God knows what. While I waited, I put some water on to boil for my lunch, and around 12:20, I took the fastest shower of my life while my lunch cooked. Yeah, Im that efficient. I scarfed down my food while blow-drying my hair and somehow made it to class on time.

In class, I was approached by my least favorite classmate of all time who offered me homemade cookies. I do love chocolate chip cookies, but my hatred of her advised me not to eat them. Shes such a weird girl. The first class of the year, I made the HUGE mistake of speaking to her. Apparently introducing myself meant that we were to be best friends forever. I quickly realized that she was the most annoying, dramatic and needy person Id ever met, so I spent a few weeks being a complete bitch to her hoping shed realize that I had no interest in being buddies apparently she didnt get the memo. Luckily she only attended about 4 classes the entire semester, but man, those 4 classes were hell. I wish I could put into words what shes like, but its simply impossible. This class session together was quite possibly the worst. She touched me a lot, and by a lot, I mean constantly (she makes creepy-elbow-guy seem normal). She sat behind me, and shed touch my hair, telling me how much she loved my haircut (which, by the way, looks like shit because Im in the process of growing it out). Shed touch my shirt telling me how much she loves my clothes. Shed put her hand on my back to fix the tag of my shirt because it was bothering her. Instead of tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention, shed touch me in a weird place right under my armpit. Ick! Just thinking about it gives me the intense desire to go take a shower. Good thing this semester is over, and I never have to see her again.

Anyway, I digress. After class I went to Mikes only to find him sound asleep but looking quite hot in his new Kenneth Cole shirt. I unsuccessfully tried waking him up for about five minutes while he talked to me in his sleep, asking me where Brian and Emily had gone. I wish hed said something incriminating instead, but oh well maybe next time. Finally he woke up and we went down to jump his car which had been dead for about a week. This time we were actually successful at jumping it, and we drove to Sears to get a new battery. While we waited, we did a little shopping, and then I went to my Death and Dying class. I stayed up real late to finish my paper on Bereaved Parents, which is damn good by the way.

Today (Thursday) was exciting because it was my last day of undergraduate classes ever! I had my favorite class first, Social Work with Groups. We had a very emotional last class period. My teacher runs the class like an actual therapy group, so weve all grown very close. It was a nice ending to a really incredible class. It ended a little early, so I used my time before my next class wisely I went to Ross. I bought some damn sexy new shoes. My next class was terribly painful as always. When it was finally over, I walked over to the other side of the University Center to get lunch. The guy behind the counter gave me my free muffin as he does every Thursday Im not quite sure why, but Im not going to complain. In my Human Sexuality class, everyone had to finish their class presentations. Presentation days are usually extremely boring, but not in this class. One girl did hers on sex toys for women it was interesting to say the least, and she brought us all little gifts. How nice! Then we had a face-reddening presentation on anal sex. The girl asked everyone who had ever had anal sex to raise their hands, and surprisingly 56% of the class had done it at least once. I was surprised it was this high. Of course, everyone in that class is pretty open-minded to begin with; otherwise we probably wouldnt be in the class, but still, thats really high. I said goodbye to my favorite TA, and that was the end of my semester Yay! Tonight Im going to have dinner with Mike and do absolutely nothing else. Ill let him fill you in on the rest of the day later tonight. By the way, Abbys first birthday was on Tuesday Im sure all of your cards and presents are just caught up in the mail. Ill be expecting them soon.

Thanks for having me do your entry Mike; it was fun!

Well let that be a lesson to you, loyal readers. Appreciate my updates!




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