Excellent Smithers | 04/22/04

"Excellent, Smithers..." (in my best hunched over Mr. Burns' voice.) My SUSSAI Experiment is complete. I divided my sections into three groups: Pop quiz/SUSSAI, Pop Quiz/Wait until next class period-SUSSAI, and SUSSAI/Know-Ahead-Of-Time-Quiz. I'm curious to see how the results pan out. I hypothesize that the class that took the pop quiz and then the SUSSAI immediately thereafter will give me the lowest evaluations followed by the ones that had to take the SUSSAI knowing they were about to take the quiz followed by the ones that had a day and a half to forget they took a quiz. Who knows, though. The dynamic of the classes, while similar, might not be constant enough for it to really be publishable in American Teacher Weekly.

In my last day of classroom teaching at FSU, things went as smoothly as could be expected for having so many students all freaking out about the final project at once. I scored a B+ on my Bibliography midterm and I hit our class and professor with all "Poors" on her SUSSAI except for an "Excellent" on if I liked the book (which I did). Meg gave a "she's a witch, burn her" presentation as soon as she left the room, possibly unaware that our professor was standing right outside, undoubtedly listening to every word. Only six out of 40 showed up for our last Music of the Caribbean class, including one grad student who I haven't seen since day 2. Jamie and I went out for dinner after class and I ended up buying a big 40oz stock pot. Now my chicken dumpling soup won't overflow like the smaller pots, which means less kitchen cleaning for me (or my guests).




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