Enhanced Searches | 04/23/04

Academically, I have reached the Dead End of FSU. I signed up for my last 3 credits of summer classes after finding out that today was the last day to sign up. It was a massive runaround but I got it done. Bam. I mailed out the rest of my pieces to Eastern Virginia along with the first invoice. Bring on the money! After class I ran some errands with the bird slayer, Chompy. Amongst the new purchases was a new filter for the cichlid tank. I plunked down the $85 to replace the suck-starting filter that came with the tank. It was a good investment because now the fish aren't all gasping for air at the top. I went out with Kathy n' Co. for some beverages at Andrew's downtown. I like her friend Chris a lot and I'm confident by the end of his stay here he will have divulged at least one government secret. So far all I've gotten is that Elvis is not only alive, but working as an army strategist. Well, that explains the current affairs in the middle east, now doesn't it. Chris and Michael brought me two new fish for the tank so I named them...Chris and Michael! They're both still alive. Jamie and I also went to the Warehouse to check out Evil-Chris and Ross' bluegrass bands. We got there too late to hear Ross but we did get to hear Chris. It was really cool. When they weren't singing they were really good. The vocal parts were really lame and just generally stupid but the music behind it was pretty cool.

I noticed when reading how people came to the site that most people do not know the difference between a biography and a bibliography. I've seen Paris Hilton Bibliography, Luol Deng Bibliography, etc. What retards. So, to answer some questions/comments commonly asked by Google of my page:

1) Yes, I know I have a Chompy fish here.

2) No, Chompy does not "do it" with the cichlids/

3) I do not have the recipe for Ruby Tuesday's mock mashed potatoes.

4) And finally: No, Mas N' Steel is NOT better off without me. You bastard.

More high school stories to come next week!




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