Highlights and Lowlights: Ninth Grade | 04/25/04

You'll all be pleased to know the total of all my for sale items on eBay have finally reached the elusive $4 plateau. I can't really describe what all I did today because, well, I just did so much. And by so much, I mean run a load of dishes in the dishwasher and rekindle my Yahoo Euchre score back up to 1700 after my six month hiatus. Obviously a large part of my day was spent photographing Chompy in suggestive poses. For some reason, I thought selling things on eBay would rid my house of all the clutter. It didn't. Most of the clutter comes in the form of large, pool-table-sized chunks which are difficult to box and ship to gullible strangers. The Cubs won again today--go Cubs. The NFL draft also was completed but I didn't recognize any of the names drafted by the Bears or Packers. Although I am now a Green Bay fun (until the Bears decide to send Rex Grossman to the gallows), I couldn't help but see how my once-beloved Bears were doing. Four FSU players were drafted but all in the second round. I finally got a second rejection letter today, this one from Georgia Perimeter College. At least now I know that the universities are, in fact, getting the mail I send them. The light blue team won, for those of you following the Trading Spaces Home Free fiasco. The "lucky viewer" who won her mortgage was probably the most boring woman ever caught on television. Not only that, her house was terrible for a "homemaker". I don't think you should be allowed to say "I'm a full-time mom!" when asked what your career is. It's not your career. According to dictionary.com a job is: A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one's trade, occupation, or profession. And don't give me that "my payment is in love and kisses from little ones!" Go get a job. No one is making you have kids so stop living our your own failed lives through them. The winning team, though, had a child and that's fine by me. Both of them have jobs and neither of them take themselves too seriously, which is crucial when you have a child that will make fun of you incessantly until you're dead or at least in a rest home, out of their front of their mind.

High School - Freshman Year

Highlight: Playing with the Wind Ensemble. They were really good and I felt really cool as the only freshman playing with them. Oh yes, my life was that sad.

Lowlight: Standing at the bus stop at this A-Frame house with this kid that smoked. I used to hide my head in my coat so I didn't inhale all his second-hand smoke. He was the same kid that "gave love a bad name" with Jessica F*hey in her pool that summer. His name was John and he said that his uncle was the guy that came up with the "Pink" in Pink Floyd's name. Good thing I had never heard of them at the time or I would have just laughed in his oily face.




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