Measuring Caloric Intake | 04/26/04

Just for kicks I measured my caloric intake today. Today was not a particularly healthy day but nonetheless very average. Between the four helpings of roast beef, five potatoes (conveniently mashed), a couple of those Lil' Debbie snack cakes, a vat of ice(d) cream and some super pretzels amongst other delicacies I managed to rack up a count of about 4500. See, I'm baffled by this number since that's twice what is recommended to even gain weight. As I finish off another 420 in chocolate milk, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with my body. I try to stay as inactive as possible in the hopes of at least promoting a Buddha belly but even that is not happening. So it's 1:37am and in the past 24 hours nearly 5000 calories have been in and out of my system...actually counting the Guilder's Spicy Mustard Chris and Michael got me for my birthday, I'm sure I surpassed 5000. I'm still hungry, though. I don't think I could eat a second dinner but if someone offered me some like, I don't know, Sno-Caps or a steak I could probably manage to snarf it down.

I had my last atonal class and my God Chompy, it was a real snoozer. I tried to turn in my paper but since I didn't have the score I'll have to settle for dumping it off at the Atonal party tomorrow night. I received a bit of good news--my pan will be ready Thursday or Friday and I can pick it up this weekend. Weird, after all this waiting I can't believe that I will have my own pan. I still need to spend the extra $360 for the flight case and the double-braced stand. While both have lesser versions that are cheaper I figure that I should just invest in the best and not worry about it later. I'm very excited, anyway. I think I'll take it out to the amphitheater behind the recital hall and play outside this weekend if it's nice enough weather. I think I'll have to play outside because the full boring of the pan might make it too loud to not deafen Professor Chomp here.

I guess it's time to address a couple more of the ways people got here...

1) Mike and Chompy need parents, not workaholics: Don't worry. Neither myself nor Chompy could ever be confused for a workaholic.

2) Chompy could NOT direct Mas N' Steel better than me, even when humping The Ab.

3) And yes, Dr. Rogers and I DO do atonal together, so there.

I cleaned out the message board today after ignoring it for about a year. Apparently, although this is a university sponsored site, the type of location where education, wisdom and understanding are supposed to occur, the board has been ravaged with postings of sheer ignorance, stupidity tempered with a large dose of immaturity and immorality. I am all for the internet being an open forum for all types of discussion but that's what needs to occur--discussion. Discussion occurs when two conflicting sides are able to address issues not spew vocal feces for all to view.

Happy 2000th visitor to the Mas N' Steel site. The hit was from somewhere on the FSU campus. Who could it be? This page had its 3333rd visitor today from Bell Canada. It was most likely someone wanting the notes or MIDI for "Happy Birthday" on steel pan. I can definitely see why they would need this--the notes on pan are very different than on any other instrument. In fact, we don't even use the same tonal system as "western" music. We really only have one note, so all of the music is tonal. Since I had so much free time and I, for one, am interested in tearing down stereotypes, here is my peace offering. It's Happy Birthday, arranged for pan. Download it all you want.




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