Mike Vs. Jeff | 09/19/06

Over the weekend, while organizing my video games, I came across NCAA Football 2006, a game I purchased when Steve (who just started his MA at the University of Chicago yesterday), came to town last year. At the time my Playstation 2 did not work so we did not have a chance to play it. The only time I got to play it was at pchris ' house before he moved away. So on Monday I made a deal with the game. I would play the 2005 season on the hardest settings without reading the instructions. I would play the FSU schedule and see if I could do better than the real team did without having any idea how to run 7/8 of the plays.

GAME 1: #11 FSU vs. #13 Miami
Down 27-10 at halftime, I decided to abandon the pass altogether and to stop punting and start going for it each 4th down. My mostly zone defense had allowed only one touchdown but my special teams had allowed two consecutive punt returns for TDs. No more punting! Putting the ball in Video Leon Washington's hands every play had paid off by the 4th quarter and I had pulled the game within 29-23 after giving up a saftey the ONE time I decide to try passing (probably not the best decision from my own 6 yard line). With about a minute left Miami had the ball and was about 10 yards away from finishing me off. Video Kyle Wright was intercepted in the end zone and Video AJ Nicholson ran it back 102 yards for a touchdown and the extra point was good. 30-29 FSU! Video Devon Hester returned the kickoff 70 yards to about my 35 yard line and with 0:08 seconds left Miami set up for a field goal and it missed. Mike wins, 30-29. Real FSU wins, 10-7.
Who was better? Real FSU. My offense was at least on par with Jeff Bowden except for the fact I gave up two safties. My defense sucked but hopefully that will get better in time. I call this game a time in the comparison between Jeff Bowden and me: 0-0-1




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