Music of the Caribbean | 04/28/04

All this time I thought I was teaching an "easy-A" class but apparently I was wrong. I am pleased to report, however, that over half the class did get A's with almost an equal amount of F's to B's. My breakdown last semester had a higher ratio of F's and less A's. Apparently the smart do get smarter and the dumb still get dumber. Unlike last semester, though, only two of the F's were for attendance reasons. I still have to do the thing I hate most--email people and tell them why they got the grade they did (if they're not going to get an A or a B from me). Oh well, a couple small undergraduate hearts to break.

I spent most of my day at school again today trying to finish my Bibliography final. I was successful in my mission. Hoorah. I also got the CD for my Music of the Caribbean midterm, which naturally I haven't started yet. It's already 2:30am and my eyes are killing me after doing nothing but grades for the past five hours. In the future I just need to give exams instead of projects because it takes freaking forever to grade projects. Speaking of projects, I do have a certain student this semester who used one of his/her links to his/her livejournal. Being crazy about journals I had to read it. Well, well, well, Chompy. Turns out Student Z had some not so nice things to say about me. He/She accused me of not doing anything in class. Well, I've got news for you Student Z, take Music Bibliography. The books aren't broken, so there's no excuse. I guess it doesn't matter now, he/she failed. I'm just kidding, I'm not that vindictive. Or am I? Du du duh! No, of course not. I'll consider punching him/her in the face for the unkind words but I won't tarnish FSU's great reputation by taking it out on him/her academically.

Some people were supposed to come over for a Bibliography party but, except for Fran, no one came by. Not even Meg, that crazy bimbo. Too bad I still have her bag over here. I feel like I did a lot more today than I have to show for it. I spent a lot of my afternoon cleaning for this "party" but the only party I ended up having was a pup party. And a red three party. Oh and what parties they were. Finally, I talked to Alan Coyle today and apparently he never got the package of scores I sent him. Included in that package was a note saying I wanted a left-hand lead. So, today I received news that the drum that was painstakingly built was a normal one. So now I have to wait another month and a half while he builds me a new one from scratch. Damn!

OH, one last thing. I had an unusually large amount of hits today from FSU. Did the faculty find me?! Du du duh! Stay tuned!




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